Healthcare Interventions

the greatest gift we get in life is

Good Health

Through your gifts and donations, we can give the less privileged

in our communities access to free health care and support

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We provide medical aids and support to individuals and communities

Through partnerships with  corporate institutions and donations from individuals, we provide medical support to communities through our various medical outreach programmes. These include provision of drugs to medical centres and facilies, Free consultation with Specialists in different medical fields, payment for medical treatments, etc.

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Areas of Intervention

Medical Outreach

We organize medical outreaches to communities to support and compliment government efforts in the provision of public heath services.

Medical Donation

In collaboration with our partners and donors, we provide medical supplies to strenghten public health facilities serving the less priviged in our communities.

Kok Foundation

Financial Support

Working within the confines of our limited resources, we will, where expedient, provide some financial support towards the off-setting of medical bills.

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