When we give, we

Build a better tomorrow for us all

“Not until the creation and maintenance of decent conditions of life for all people are recognized and accepted as a common obligation of all people and all countries—not until then shall we, with a certain degree of justification, be able to speak of humankind as civilized. "

Albert Einstein

Our Raison d'etre

The Vision

Create a world where no child is left without a shot at greatness


The Mission

To champion the change in our community through empowering the less privileged thereby giving them a shot at true greatness.

Kok Foundation Philosophy

The Philosophy

For every child society neglects, we all pay in measures beyond what was required to for their inclussion

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso


The Amazing things we do with your support.

We plan and support amazing projects that help change the lives of the disadvantaged children and young people from across different regions of our country and beyond. 

Our Advocacy Campaign

The Peoples’ Lawyer is our advocacy television drama series that seeks to shed light on the legal rights of the average citizen .  It explores some of the challenges faced as a result of ignorance of or failure to enforce your legal rights.


Whether you’re curious about features, a free trial, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.

How You Can be a Part


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Your donations today will go along way in giving others a chance in life and positively impact our collective tomorrow.

Become a Volunteer

Commit to helping others today with your time and skill to experience the joy and satisfaction reserved only for givers

Become a Partner

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We welcome individuals and organizations that seek to support this initiative  through long term commitments to any of our causes